2Telephone: 205.934.7597
Department: Health Behavior
Primary Mentor: Peter Hendricks, PhD
Secondary Mentor: Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, PhD, RD

I have worked with cancer patients and caregivers as a Research Coordinator at the Moffitt Cancer Center and as a Masters in Pu
blic Health (MPH) student at the University of South Florida. While working at Moffitt Cancer Center as a Research Coordinator I expanded and developed my role within the Health Outcomes and Behavior department into an active contributor to nearly 40 abstract presentations, 9 of which I have been the first author, and 6 major publications. Many of these publications deal exclusively with exploring the impact of cancer treatments on the quality of life of patients and caregivers.

During the pursuit of my MPH, I worked on the development of culturally appropriate training materials for lay health advisors in the form of an iPad application. This training application will better prepare African American prostate cancer survivors to function as lay health advisors in disseminating accurate and culturally appropriate information regarding prostate cancer screening and detection.

More recently, I began coordinating on the development of the patient education portion of Moffitt’s Pathways Project, working towards the creation of clinical pathways that enable cancer patients and their caregivers to make educated decisions based on factors they deem most important to their quality of life.

Through the course of my Ph.D., I hope to work on helping patients make more informed decisions using technology through the development of clinical pathway tools that will enable patients and their caregivers have more control over their treatment decisions and ensure higher quality of care and less regret; ultimately, culminating in my long-term ambition to conduct my own grant-funded research project.

During my time at UAB, I hope to enhance my patient education and health promotion expertise in addition to expanding my skills in research. After completion of my degree, I plan to seek a position where I can conduct research regarding the education of cancer patients making treatment decisions.