UAB’s Cancer Prevention and Control Training Program is funded by the National Cancer Institute, and therefore only U.S. citizens and permanent residents of the United States are eligible to apply.

The Cancer Prevention and Control Training Program includes the following:
  • Mentoring by program directors and major professors
  • Coursework as required by respective departments
  • Interdisciplinary research training
  • Monthly Cancer Prevention & Control  Training Seminars
  • Hands-on intervention experience, as appropriate
  • Quarterly luncheon and discussion sessions
  • Ongoing Evaluation
  • Follow up of trainees for five years after exiting the program

Pre- or postdoctoral stipend for two to five years, depending on the particular program of study
  1. Tuition & fees for all courses required or recommended by the program of study
  2. Health & hospitalization insurance
  3. Books & supplies for educational purposes
  4. Travel to one scientific meeting each year
  5. Limited by NCI to U.S. citizens and permanent residents

To Apply:

Please contact the program directors with a letter of interest and current curriculum vitae.
Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, RD, PhD, Director 
John W. Waterbor, MD, DrPH, Co-Director