An equity advisor (EA) is appointed by the dean or director of each school or unit with regular faculty and serves as a member of The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Equity Leadership Council. The council meets regularly during each academic year.   Equity Advisors have a central role in faculty training, monitoring the faculty search and other hiring processes, and consultations on matters of equity. Equity Advisors leverage their direct experience with local culture and climate to advise their deans in terms of strategy, policy, training, climate, and accountability. Although Equity Advisors report directly to their deans, they also work closely with and provide invaluable advice to the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. They represent the most important advisory council for the Office.

The duties and responsibilities of equity advisors include the following:

  1. Collect and maintain information on faculty vacancies, tenure decisions and promotions in the school or unit.
  2. Serve as a non-voting member of each faculty recruitment, tenure and promotion committee in the school or unit.
  3. Maintain a database of journals and publications read by minorities and women in each subject area of the school or unit.
  4. Review all advertisements for faculty vacancies before they are published.
  5. Serve as a resource for faculty recruiting for the dean or director and department chairs in the school or unit.
  6. Provide an annual report on recruiting activities in the school or unit to the dean or director and to the Vice President for Diversity Equity and Inclusion.
  7. Certify that all recruitment policies and procedures have been followed for each recruitment activity by signing the Faculty Recruitment Experience Report.

UAB Equity Advisors provide leadership in establishing diversity as a core value within the unit.


Dr. Lourdes Sanchez-Lopez
College of Arts and Sciences
Associate Professor & Director,
Spanish for Specific
Purposes Certificate Program
(205) 934-8281

Dr. Kathryn Morgan
College of Arts and Sciences
Associate Professor & Director,
African American Studies Program
(205) 975-9652 or 975-9621

Ms. Derita Ratcliffe
Department of Athletics
Sr. Assoc. Athletic Director
(205) 975-6283

Dr. Lori McMahon
Graduate School
(205) 975-8852

Mr. Michael Fitts
Lister Hill Library
Assistant Dean for
User Access & Diversity
(205) 934-6360

Ms. Margaret “Peggy” Kain
Mervyn H. Sterne Library
Senior Assistant Librarian;
Electronic Resources Librarian
(205) 934-6360

Ms. Janice Ward
Provost Office
Faculty Affairs Manager
(205) 996-7230

Dr. George Munchus III
School of Business
(205) 934-0800

Dr. Edward Bradford
School of Dentistry
Associate Professor
(205) 996-5326
Dr. T. Madelyn Coar
School of Dentistry
Adjunct Associate Professor
(205) 934-1141

Ms. Ginger Hattaway
School of Dentistry
Director of Administrative
& Fiscal Affairs
(205) 934-4720

Dr. Charles Calhoun
School of Education
Associate Professor – Early Childhood/Elementary Education
(205) 975-3755

Dr. Dalton Nelson
School of Engineering
Assistant Professor of
Electrical and Computer
(205) 934-8221

Dr. Robert Peters
School of Engineering
(205) 934-8434

Dr. Michael Tate
School of Health Professions
Personnel Generalist
(205) 934-5973

Dr. Mona Fouad
School of Medicine
Senior Associate Dean
for Diversity and Inclusion;
Director, Minority Health
and Health Disparities
Research Center
(205) 934-4307

Ms. Evelyn Jones
School of Medicine
Program Director
(205) 934-6880
Dr. James Raper
School of Medicine
Associate Professor of
Medicine and Nursing;
Director of the
HIV Outpatient, Research
and Dental Clinics
(205) 975-8884

Ms. Karen Buckner
School of Nursing
Director of Operations
(205) 934-2397

Dr. Karen M. Meneses
School of Nursing
Professor and Associate
Dean for Research
(205) 996-7038

Ms. Myrtle Rutledge
School of Optometry
UABSO Personnel Manager
(205) 934-6756

Dr. Janene Sims
School of Optometry
Family Practice
Residency Supervisor
(205) 934-6756

Dr. April Carson
School of Public Health
Assistant Professor
(205) 934-6107

Ms. Anita Clemon
Vice President of Financial
Affairs and Administration
Director, HR Compliance
(205) 975-8935

Ms. Alesia Jones
Vice President of Financial
Affairs and Administration
Chief Human Resources Officer
(205) 934-5321


Dr. Paulette Patterson Dilworth Welcome Message from Vice President Dr. Paulette Patterson Dilworth
"A fundamental part of supporting academic excellence is ensuring our campus is a place where diverse people, ideas, and perspectives can flourish."