Postdoctoral Programs

After a student earns their dental degree, additional training opportunities exist in general dentistry or in the specialty of prosthodontics.

General Practice Residency (GPR) and Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) Programs
Although each program has a separate accreditation by the American Dental Association, its six residents are functionally integrated into a single general dental residency. The program focuses on ensuring competence in providing advanced comprehensive care to the dental patient who has complex medical diagnoses and/or special needs. The General Dental Residency also provides dental care for UAB Hospital inpatients and interacts with multiple hospital medical departments that are seeking dental consultation. The main clinical activity occurs in the Hospital Dental Clinic in the UAB Hospital. This program also takes responsibility for most of the oral medicine components of the DMD curriculum.

John M. Coke, DDS, FAAHD

Professor and Program Director

Advanced Education in Prosthodontics (Graduate Prosthodontics)
The Advanced Education in Prosthodontics residency provides twelve residents specialty training in the study of prosthodontics, occlusion and clinical applications of biomaterials with emphasis on detection, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of complex restorative therapies. The clinical activities are located on the fourth floor of the school with additional laboratory space on the third floor.

Keith E. Kinderknecht, DMD, FACP

Program Director

Maxillofacial Prosthetics offers intra-oral, extra-oral and facial reconstruction including prosthetic noses, eyes, and ears to one or two residents each year. The program is housed on the third floor of the school and it is a valued service to the UAB health enterprise.

Keith E. Kinderknecht, DMD, FACP

Interim Program Director