Need the 411 on your Meal Plan & Dining Dollars as the semester is coming to an end?
Here's a little Q&A to help you out! 

When does my Spring Semester meal plan expire?: Your 2013 Spring Semester Meal Plan expires on May 10, 2013.

When do my Dining Dollars for this semester expire?:  Your 2013 Spring Semester Dining Dollars expire on August 8, 2013.

What do I do if I have left over meal plans at the end of the semester?: Here's a few tips we suggest!
1. Buy a pizza from The Commons on the Green using your Meal Plan! Buy a few for your friends to share...or just to keep to yourself.
2. Eat at a new-to-you location on campus that accepts Meal Plans. They are accepted at The Commons on the Green, The Diner, Blazer Cafe, and ZeBi.
3. Adopt and feed an upperclassman...or three! They'll be very appreciative, trust us.
4. Since you use up to five Meal Plans a day, why not challenge four of your friends to an all-you-can-eat marathon in The Commons on the Green? We think it's a great idea!
5. Bribe a friend with your Meal Plans to help you study for finals! They're coming up soon, Blazers!

What if I'm staying on campus for the summer?:
You will be able to use your Dining Dollars through August on campus! Additionally, we will offer a Summer Meal Plan option this year.
*Stay tuned to the Meal Plan section of our website for more information-coming very soon!:

What do I do if I have run out of Dining Dollars for the semester & I need coffee from Starbucks during finals?: You are always able to add BlazerBucks to your account to take care of your coffee fix! Visit for information regarding BlazerBucks.