whats happening

There's lots happening on campus - so here's an update from us:

We're going to break this down by location so you know exactly what's happening with UAB Campus Restaurants -

-The Commons on the Green is open Monday - Friday from 7am until 8pm, Saturday & Sunday from 10:30am until 7pm.  This is now an all-you-care-to-eat all the time facility. That's right, you can eat as much as you want to for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pretty awesome, huh? Meal Plans are accepted at this location.

-The Diner is now open Monday - Friday from 11am until 1am, Saturday & Sunday from 2pm until 2am.  We are happy to present a new Simply-to-Go program in this facility called Take 4 - this program allows you to use your Meal Plan to purchase grab & go items from our coolers. Make sure you stop by & check out the details of this program while The Diner is open. Don't forget you can also use your Meal Plan at The Diner for our traditional menu options.

-Einsteins Brother's Bagels, ZeBi and Starbucks are still open on campus! Be sure to check out our hours by location on the homepage.

-The PowerZone in the Campus Rec will be offering additional items on their menu this year! We're very excited to bring even more healthy options to this location right inside the Campus Rec Center lobby.

-We have added a Simply-to-Go station in Campbell Hall - just like our current location in Volker Hall. Be sure to stop by and grab some pre-packaged items from one of our newest locations on campus.

-WOW Cafe will be opening in the first part of September, and we couldn't be more excited! WOW Cafe is located across from Blount Hall, right behind Snoozy's Bookstore. We'll be keeping you very updated on the plans for opening and details on this location. Be on the lookout for a post with pictures, so you can see everything happening! Meal Plans are accepted at this location.

-We have contracted with Local Birmingham Food Trucks to be available for our students, faculty, and staff to utilize throughout the week! They will be parked in the UAB Mini Park & we will have a schedule posted for the days and times each truck will be present.  The food trucks that will be available are Cantina on Wheels, Melt, Off the Hook, and Spoonfed Grill.  We are really looking forward to this opportunity to partner with our local Birmingham vendors.

-Cafe ASC is now closed.

What's coming soon?:

-Chick-Fil-A: That's right, Chick-Fil-A will still be on campus! It will be moving to a 30-foot trailer off the UAB Campus Green - this will be available later in the Fall semester. This location will accept Meal Plans.

-Jump Asian Express Food Truck: Remember our Food Truck War from last year? Jump Asian Express landed the winning spot, and this food truck will be available on campus for students in the middle of the Fall semester. It will be parked at the UAB Mini Park, just like the Local Birmingham Food Trucks. This location will accept Meal Plans.

-The C-Store: The C-Store has moved from The Diner to the first floor of Camp Hall. We will be keeping you updated about construction and opening dates.

How do I stay connected about all the exciting things happening?:

Great question - we're glad you asked.

Make sure you stay up to date with our website (www.uab.edu/dining). 
Stay connected with us via social media - we love Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
And if you have questions, comments, or concerns at anytime, feel free to email us: uabdining@uab.edu.