The Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education is a minimum of 54 hours made up of core, specialty, research study, and dissertation hours


Credit Hrs

Core Classes – 12 credit hours

ECE 730 - Advanced Developmental Theory


ECE 731 - Dr. Sem II:  Children and Society


ECE 749 - Advanced Early Childhood Curriculum


One course from the following

ECE 735, ECE737, ECE 748, ECE 732 or other ECE doctoral classes at discretion of committee.



Specialty Area – 12 credit hours at 600 or 700 level

Literacy - Four courses: ECE 750, ECE 751, ECE 752, and ECE 774


OR Curriculum - Four courses:

                ECE 746, ECE 760

                and two from ECE 742, ECE 743, ECE 744, or ECE 745



OR Early Intervention / Early Childhood Special Education – Four courses from:

                ECE 738, ECE 740, ECE 748, ECE 760, ECE 792


OR Piagetian Studies – Four courses: ECE 742, ECE 743, ECE 744, ECE 745


Or Early Childhood Teacher Leader – Three courses (15 hrs) approved by the ECE doctoral faculty


Research Methodology – 12+ credit hours at 600 or 700 level

EPR 696 – Qualitative Research


EPR 710 – Multivariate Research


6 hours of Qualitative Research courses from the following:

                EPR 792 or SOC 708, EPR 796


OR 6 hours of quantitative research courses from the following:

                EPR 695, EPR 792, HB 714, SOC 704, PY 727, BST 640, BST 661, BST 671, SOC 706


Research Internship – 6+ credit hours

ECE 798 – 3 hours in first 18 hours of study


ECE 798 – 3 hours in second 18 hours of study


Dissertation – 12+ hours

ECE 799 –  At least two semesters of dissertation hours

12 + hrs

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