ECE ELE Alum khadidr jonesKhadidr Jones

"My experiences at UAB in the Alternative Masters Program at UAB have been more than I could have expected and far beyond what I could have imagined. Entering the Alternative Masters Program as a wife, mother, and full-time employee of UAB had its’ challenges and it appeared to many a mystery or an act of insanity.  But it was neither; it was my destiny.  My experiences at UAB were exceptional due to the dedication, persistence, and commitment to excellence from my UAB professors.  I have learned so many valuable lessons from them, my cooperating teachers, and the students I have encountered during each semester, especially my Student Teaching.  The experience is invaluable when what you acquired ranges from learning how to manage 20-28 students to using the most advanced technology to plan, implement, and review lessons.  The experience is priceless when what you acquired ranges from seeing the collaboration between cooperating teachers and UAB professors and their working together for the common good of the students (both UAB and elementary students) to the relationship between the administrators and teachers of your assigned school that shows the level of respect they have for one another.  The experience is treasured when what you acquired ranges from encountering students in your field experiences that are eager to learn, thirst for knowledge, and empowered by your words to the daily hugs and smiles, notes of gratitude, and sweet farewells given by those students on your last day of observation. My experiences as a 5th year Alternative Master student have been all of these things and more.  With every inch of my being, I am thankful for each experience for it has prepared me to be an educator committed to changing lives, one class at a time."

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