What is Sigma Delta Pi and what does the organization do? 

Sigma Delta Pi is the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society.  The UAB Chapter is Omicron Mu, University of Alabama-Birmingham.  One objective of Sigma Delta Pi is to expand the Spanish language and culture.  Sigma Delta Pi is not exclusively for Hispanic students, but it is open to any college student who wishes to learn and expand the Spanish language and culture. Find out more about Sigma Delta Pi at www.sigmadeltapi.org.

How long have you been the UAB Chapter president and what are your primary responsibilities?

This is my second year serving as president and my main duty is during the initiation ceremony.  The ceremony takes place annually in March and it is when all new members are welcomed into the chapter.  I am also in charge of distributing information regarding upcoming events, scholarships, grants, and job opportunities.  As part of my responsibilities, I organize at least two events per year that promote the Spanish language and culture.  

Did being apart of UTEP complement your experience in Sigma Delta Pi?

Definitely.  My time in UTEP helped me to put all the pieces of the education puzzle together.  The field of education is complicated and has many different components to it.  

UTEP helped me build a solid foundation and helped me to believe in myself.  I don't think I could have take on the responsibility as chapter president without my experiences in UTEP.  This is something we want to do with Sigma Delta Pi: to give all the members the tools to succeed and provide them with the most opportunities possible.

Where are you currently working and living?

I am currently living in Montgomery and am pursuing an EdS degree in Foreign Language Education at Auburn University. I plan to graduate in 2012.