CLIDE is a leadership preparation program designed to prepare special education administrators who can provide effective leadership in diverse, high-poverty educational environments.  It is supported by a grant from the Office of Special Education Programs of the U. S. Department of Education.  The program provides tuition support for up to 30 participants who are receiving an education specialist degree in educational leadership, with a concentration in special education.  These individuals are preparing to serve as special education administrators at the national, state, and district level.
Through CLIDE, the CUE has worked in partnership with the Birmingham City Schools, Bessemer City Schools, and the Office of Special Education Services at the Alabama State Department of Education.  CLIDE is preparing special education administrators who can provide leadership in the use of research-based practices in the education of diverse students with disabilities in inclusive, standards-based settings; who can recruit, support, and retain highly-qualified special education teachers in high-poverty schools; and who can appropriately respond to the diversity of our student population.  Through CLIDE, the traditional Educational Leadership program is being enhanced by the infusion of the CLIDE-specific competencies. Program coursework is co-taught by university professors and exemplary special education administrators.  Innovative field experiences are being infused throughout the coursework.
Enrollment to this program is currently closed.

Dean Deborah Voltz and Dr. Loucrecia Collins are the Principal Investigators for CLIDE.