1. Attend an ESL information session: Mondays (4:00-4:45) in EB 100. Confirm attendance at
2. Submit degree-seeking application and required documents by deadline (it's OK if your exam scores arrive a few days later):
  Nov. 1st (admission to spring)    April 1st (admission to summer)    July 1st (admission to fall)
  NOTE: If the degree-seeking deadline has passed, applicants can consider submitting a non-degree application (see below).
3. Submit an admission application at UAB Graduate School's ApplyYourself page.
  • Create an application account (be sure to write down your ApplyYourself username and password) and then log out.
  • Log into your newly-created ApplyYourself account and start your application by clicking on Degree-Seeking.
       NOTE: If you had submitted earlier applications to UAB, you must now create another ApplyYourself account. 
  Program and Degree: On a drop-down menu, select your targeted program and degree from among the following.
    Education-English as a 2nd Language 5th year (MAE)
      Concentrations: ESL certification, ESL & French certification, ESL & Spanish certification (grades P-12)
    Education-English as a 2nd Language Traditional (MAE)   
      Concentrations: ESL certification, ESL & French certification, ESL & Spanish certification (grades P-12)  
    Education-English as a 2nd Language International/Adult (MAE)  
    Education-English as a 2nd Language (EdS)
  Admission Exams: All ESL applicants must take MAT (388) or GRE (290). AMP must also take AECTP Basic Skills.
    DATE- Give the approximate month/year when you took the test or plan to take it. (This is required!)
    SCORE- Leave this part blank because UAB will use the score on your official score report.
  Narrative Question: Provide a polished response. (We suggest you write this essay in a Word document and then insert.)
  References: Include the names and email addresses of three people for providing recommendations.  
    When you submit your application, UAB automatically emails recommendation forms to these people.
  Application Fee: Pay $45 ($60 for int'l candidates) and click Submit. It is highly recommended that this fee be paid online with a credit or debit card. NOTE: Mailing a check may delay your application by several weeks.
4. Request official transcripts from all colleges attended, even if you took just one course and it's on another transcript. Have transcripts from all colleges (except UAB) emailed to and/or mailed to:
    UAB Graduate School
    1720  2nd Avenue South
    Lister Hill Library - G03  
    Birmingham, AL  35294-0013
5. Non-native speakers of English: Take the TOEFL (for admission consideration, practicum placements, and employment).
  International applicants: Take the TOEFL (or IELTS) and apply to UAB's English Language Institute (ELI)
6. Participate in an interview, when called.
7. Check your admission status periodically by logging into ApplyYourself with your unique PIN and password. You may also inquire about your status by contacting the Graduate School (205-934-8357) After your application materials have been received, it will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks for your application to be processed.  If you experience difficulties in confirming the status of your application, contact Dr. Spezzini at
8. After you are admitted as a degree-seeking student, you will receive an email from the Graduate School with the following subject line: "UAB Graduate School Admission Decision". This email will prompt you to log into an account and will provide a PIN and password to view your online decision letter. This decision letter will include the following information:     
  • Your student number (letter "B" followed by 8 digits). NOTE: You will need this number for identification purposes.
  • Your program (e.g., ESL 5th year - MAE) and, if applicable, your concentration (e.g., ESL & Spanish cert)
  • Your residency status as a resident (with in-state tuition) or as a non-resident (with out-of-state tuition)
  Be sure to read this information very carefully in order to make sure that everything is correct. 
9. Follow the instructions in your admission letter with respect to processing a BlazerID.
  • You must immediately process your BlazerID at BlazerNet Central.
  • If you were previously a UAB student and already have a BlazerID, you MUST reactivate your BlazerID.
  • Your BlazerID will serve as your UAB email account (select 8 letters/digits that convey a professional image.)
  NOTE: You should check your UAB email regularly and must always use it in official communication with UAB.
10. Contact your faculty advisor. (If you do not receive an email with your advisor's name and email, please be sure to ask.) 
11. Obtain medical clearance from UAB by the middle of your first semester. 
12. Register for class and pay tuition on time through BlazerNet.
    Deadlines for registration and payment: see Academic Calendar
    Tuition and fee structure: see Tuition and Fees (yearly increments often occur)
If you have missed the deadline for submitting a degree-seeking application and/or have not yet passed the admission exam, you should consider submitting a non-degree seeking application. This will allow you to take up to 12 credit hours of courses toward your degree. After becoming admitted as a non-degree seeking student and before completing 12 credit hours, you must submit a degree-seeking application in order to continue pursuing your degree.
NOTE: Non-degree seeking students are not eligible to receive financial aid through FAFSA.
UAB Graduate School
(205) 934-8227 
1. Attend an ESL information session: Mondays (4:00-4:45) in EB 100. Confirm attendance at
2. Go to the UAB Graduate School's ApplyYourself page.
3. Create an application account, write down your ApplyYourself username and password, and log out.
4. Log back into your ApplyYourself account and select non-degree seeking application.
5. Select Education as your intended major and choose Ed Cert Other (or something similar) from the drop-down menu(s). Pay $40 online (debit or credit card) and click Submit.
  NOTE: Mailing a check greatly delays this process.
6. Request an official transcript from the college where you received your degree(s) and have it emailed to or mailed to:
    UAB Graduate School
    1720  2nd Avenue South   
    Lister Hill Library - G03
    Birmingham, AL  35294-0013
7. A few days after your transcript(s) and application have arrived at the Graduate School, you will receive an email with the admission decision. Follow the instructions in this email, process (or reactivate) your BlazerID, and register for class.
8. Because of your non-degree seeking status, you will not be able to register for class until 3 weeks before the term starts. You might also need overrides to register for courses. You can request a degree level override for education courses by sending an email to Dr. Spezzini ( with your student ID number ("B" followed by several digits) and the number, name and CRN (course registration number) for the education course(s) you wish to take.
9. With non-degree seeking status, you can take only 12 credit hours towards your degree. During the semesters in which you take courses with non-degree seeking status, you are not eligible for financial aid.