A list of ESL-related acronyms and their definitions.

Alabama Immigration Law HB 56:
Printable fact sheets from the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice explaining this controversial Alabama law, originally passed in June 2011. These fact sheets include information on the laws and "stays" in effect due to the District Court's decision on Aug. 20, 2012.

Click here for a printable fact sheet explaining Alabama's Immigration Law in English.
Click here for a printable fact sheet explaining Alabama's Immigration Law in Spanish.
Click here for Wikipedia's article on Alabama's HB 56.

ALEX (Alabama Learning Exchange): A project of the Alabama Department of Education, ALEX is designed to index and share many types of educational materials and information through a time-saving, one-stop resource for educators, parents, and students. The majority of the lesson plans, Web links, and interactive activities are connected to the Alabama Courses of Study.

Foreign Language Teacher Associations:  Links to websites of foreign language teacher associations, which contain useful information about the first languages of ELLs and resources which can easily be adapted to the ESL classroom.

Grammar, Vocabulary & Reading: Links to websites which provide English grammar, vocabulary and reading explanations and practice. These sites can be used by students studying for the ESL Praxis exam, ESL students, and ESL teachers.

Internet Resources
: Links to ESL-related websites with useful information and resources for ESL teachers, content-area teachers, graduate students, and parents of English Language Learners.

Internet Stores:
Links to websites which provide for-purchase ESL classroom resources.

Job Search Clinic: Guidelines and resources for designing and implementing a university-level Job Search Clinic to help international students and scholars prepare for the interview process and achieve success in furthering their careers.

Laws & Court Cases: A list of ESL-related laws and court cases.

Listening, Speaking & Pronunciation: Links to websites which provide helpful information and resources for listening, speaking, and pronunciation practice.

Organizations, Foundations, and Centers: Links to websites of ESL-related groups, organizations, foundations, and centers.

Professional Development:  Ready-to-use ESL professional development resources and links to websites which provide free or for-purchase resources.

Translating & Interpreting: Links to translating/interpreting services and organizations.

University-Level ELL Bibliography: Useful to college professors, instructors, and staff who need resources, tools and guidance for teaching, counseling, and communicating with international students. Also listed are some practical guidebooks for international students. This bibliography was created by Imelda Vetter, Reference Librarian for Education at UAB's Sterne Library.

WIDA (formerly "World-class Instructional Design and Assessment"): WIDA advances academic language development and academic achievement for linguistically diverse students through high quality standards, assessments, research, and professional development for educators.

World Languages & Cultures: Links to websites which can provide teachers with information about the home languages and cultures of the English language learners in their classrooms.