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Faculty Status




Wajih Ahmad Health Education Assistant Professor 232-Q 205-975-6166
Carol Allison Visual Impairment Instructor 210-B 205-975-5481
Joe Burns Early Childhood/Elementary Education Associate Professor 100-B 205-934-8636 205-934-7530
Charles Calhoun Early Childhood/Elementary Education Associate Professor 116-B 205-934-8093
Lois Christensen Early Childhood/Elementary Education Professor 109 205-934-8362
 Jeremiah Clabough Secondary Education Assistant Professor 112 205-996-7783
Rachel Cochran Center for Educational Accountability Research Assistant Professor 233 / 245-C 205-934-6414
Loucrecia Collins Educational Leadership Associate Professor 223 205-975-1984
Stephanie Corcoran School Psychometry Assistant Professor 232-R 205-996-8804
Karen Bowen Dahle Collaborative Teacher Associate Professor 102 205-975-6176
Ann Dominick Early Childhood/Elementary Education Assistant Professor 115 205-934-8365
Kay Emfinger Early Childhood/Elementary Education Associate 107-C 205-934-7003
James Ernest Early Childhood/Elementary Education Associate Professor 117 205-934-8360
Retta Evans Health Education Associate Professor 259 205-996-2701
Robin Fiedler Educational Psychology and Research Assistant Professor  232-L 205-996-5863
Gordon Fisher Physical Education, Exercise Physiology  Assistant Professor 232-J 205-996-4114
Laura Forbes Health Education Associate Professor 255 205-975-5368
Jason Fulmore Center for Educational Accountability Research Assistant Professor 245-C 205-934-6414
Richard Gargiulo Collaborative Teacher Professor 215 205-934-8478
Renitta Goldman Collaborative Teacher Professor 170 205-934-3449
Keith Gurley Educational Leadership Assistant Professor 232-G 205-975-1983
Sean Hall Counselor Education Assistant Professor 152-E 205-975-9392
Donna Hester Physical Education Associate Professor 224 205-934-8336
Gary Hunter Physical Education, Exercise Physiology  Professor 201 205-934-8338
Grace Jepkemboi  Early Childhood/Elementary Education Assistant Professor 105 205-934-6650
Constance Kamii Early Childhood/Elementary Education Professor 116-A 205-934-9669
Jennifer Kilgo Early Childhood Special Education University Professor 212 205-975-9613
Lynn Kirkland Early Childhood/Elementary Education Chair/Professor 119 205-934-8358
Maxie Kohler Educational Psychology and Research Professor 204 205-934-2357
Tondra L. Loder-Jackson Educational Foundations Associate Professor 219 205-934-8304
Tomeka McGhee Counselor Education Assistant Professor 152-D 205-934-8334
Andrew McKnight Educational Foundations Associate Professor 222 205-934-6232
Rose McNesse Educational Leadership Associate Professor
Lee Meadows Secondary Education Associate Professor 119 205-934-8371
Kristi Menear Physical Education Chair/Associate Professor 207 205-975-7409
Betty Nelson Collaborative Teacher Associate Professor 214  205-975-6760
Marcia O’Neal Center for Educational Accountability Research Associate Professor 233-A1 205-934-6549
Sherry Parrish Early Childhood/Elementary Education Assistant Professor 106 205-975-4810
Fran Perkins Reading Education Associate Professor 114 205-934-8368

Tonya Perry Secondary Education Assistant Professor 117 205-934-7896
Gary  B. Peters Educational Leadership Associate Professor 232-T 205-975-3460
Cynthia Petri Health Education Associate Professor 206 205-934-8342
Diane Pevsner Collaborative Teacher Assistant Professor 210-A 205-975-5351
Eric Plaisance Physical Education Assistant Professor
Josie Prado English as a Second Language Assistant Professor 119 205-934-4792
Jane Roy Physical Education Associate Professor 205 205-934-1757
Mary Jean Sanspree Visual Impairment Professor EB 210 & Worrell Bldg. 110C 205-934-6723
Katherine Scott Early Childhood/Elementary Education Instructor 113-A 205-934-8359
Susan Seay English as a Second Language Assistant Professor 111 205-975-6710
Melanie Shores Educational Psychology and Research Associate Professor 232 -K 205-975-8487
Sandra K. Sims Physical Education Associate Professor 232-O 205-996-2721
 Michele Jean Sims Secondary Education Associate Professor 108 205-934-8361 or 205-612-1931
Tommy Smith Secondary Education Associate Professor 122-A 205-934-8089
Scott Snyder Educational Psychology and Research Associate Professor 233-C2 205-934-8475
Susan Spezzini English as a Second Language Associate Professor 120 205-934-8357
Deborah Strevy Early Childhood/Elementary Education Assistant Professor 103 205-934-5419
 Jennifer Summerlin Early Childhood Education Instructor 110-B 205-996-3540
Larry Tyson Counselor Education  Associate Professor 152-F 205-975-2491
Yu-Mei Wang  Educational Technology Associate Professor 123 205-975-6175
Larrell Wilkinson Health Education Assistant Professor 232-N 205-975-1295
Veronique Zimmerman-Brown   Instructor 221 205-996-9549


Tyler  Bryant Dean's Office / Center for Urban Education 149-P 205-996-2178
Gladys Casanova Regional In-Service Center 232-RI 205-934-6264
Stephani Collins Center for Urban Education 251 205-996-6432
Lydia Cowser Department of Curriculum and Instruction 119 205-934-8364  
Jerrie Foster Center for Urban Education 253 205-996-9843
Lori E. Green Development and External Relations 228 205-975-3754
Brandi Griffice Office of Student Services 100 205-975-6221
Dianne Hedgepeth Office of Clinical Experiences 213-B 205-975-5777
Tom Ingram Center for Educational Accountability 232-F 205-934-1129
William Johnson Dean’s Office  246-B 205-975-4294
Sha’Niethia Johnson Office of Student Services 100-F 205-934-7530
Awilda Jones Office of Student Services 100-C 205-934-7530
Kelli Lloyd Office of Student Services 100-I 205-996-6145
Kathryn Lowe-Tubbs Dean's Office 217 205-934-5322 / 205-996-9882
DeDe Merk Regional In- Service Center 229 205-934-2316
Mary Norwood Office of Student Services 100-E 205-975-6221
Marcia O’Neal Department of Human Studies / Center for Educational Accountability 233-A1 205-934-6549
Michelle Peterson Office of Student Services 100 205-934-7530
Trela Pettway Dean’s Office 216 205-996-6332
Vanessa Pickens Center for Educational Accountability 233 205-975-5388
Boyd Rogan Regional In-Service Center 229 205-934-2316
Nancy Timpa Department of Curriculum and Instruciton 119 205-975-5860
Juanita Turner Department of Human Studies 207 205-934-2446
Elizabeth Varghese ESL Grants 152 205-996-6493
Vanessa Vega Office of Clinical Experiences 213-A 205-934-8369
Elizabeth Whitehead Regional In-Service Center 232-RI 205-934-6264
Claudia Williams Center for Urban Education 246-A 205-996-6431
Shirley Wilson Dean’s Office 220 205-996-6609
Lashundra Wormley-Dooley Department of Human Studies 208 205-934-9463

Dear Alumni and Friends,

The School of Education is proud of its alumni.  Our students go on to become award-winning teachers, education administrators, education consultants and leaders in their fields.

Whether you graduated last year, ten years ago, or thirty years ago, we value you as members of the UAB community.  I encourage you to see your role in our success. We have alumni representing education through all walks of life: as the State of Alabama’s Finance Director, Chief Program Officer for an International Orphanage, and finalists for the National Teacher of the Year Award.

As alumni, you continue to astonish us with your ability to shape the lives in your communities. There are many ways for you to become involved with the UAB School of Education and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Our goal is to ensure that all alumni stay connected not only with the School, but also with their fellow UAB alumni and the broader UAB community.

Thank you in advance for your continued interest and support of UAB.
Deborah Voltz, Ed.D.

Alumni Events

Thursday, October 23
Point Clear, Alabama
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