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Center For Educational Accountability

About: To promote the improvement of educational outcomes of students, schools, and agencies through responsive and valid data-based decisions focused on reform.

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  Scott Snyder, Director

Center for Urban Education

About: The Center for Urban Education (CUE) is an alliance of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Birmingham City Schools, other school districts in the Birmingham metropolitan area, and local and national partners.  The mission of the CUE is to promote quality education for socially and economically disenfranchised groups residing in urban areas.  Specifically, the CUE prepares high-quality teachers and administrators to work in urban school districts.

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  Tonya Perry, Director

Maryann Manning Family Literacy Center

About: To sustain Dr. Maryann Manning’s legacy of commitment and work in the field of literacy, the Maryann Manning Family Literacy Center will support and disseminate research in literacy, provide professional development for teachers and students, centralize the operation and organization of numerous projects begun by Dr. Manning, and create innovative literacy projects, both locally and globally.

  (205) 934-8358
  Lynn Kirkland, Director