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School of Education Building

The UAB School of Education is working every day to transform lives and to optimize human potential.   We are known for our cutting-edge programs that prepare professionals to serve in a diverse world.  Our outstanding faculty are not only leaders in their fields, but also excellent mentors and teachers who inspire others to grow and to learn.  We make a difference in the lives of our students, and in the communities that they serve.  At the UAB School of Education, we specialize in knowledge that will change your world.

Teacher-working-with-students-in-gardenThe UAB School of Education is home to a diverse array of undergraduate and graduate programs in areas such as educator preparation, counselor education, health education, and kinesiology (formerly physical education). Our programs are accredited by relevant organizations, and are staffed by world-class faculty. They integrate technology and exemplify best practices in teaching—making learning both engaging and rewarding. Through collaboration with our school district and agency partners, our programs provide frequent and early opportunities for field experiences, culminating in the kinds of internships that promote success in future employment. The UAB School of Education’s innovative programs prepare our students well for the diverse world of today and tomorrow.

professor-taking-blood-pressure-measurementUAB School of Education faculty are at the leading edge of investigating some of today’s most vexing challenges in areas such as exercise science, health disparities, language/literacy development, urban education, and special education. The School of Education includes several centers that help to support this work: The Center for Educational Accountability and the Center for Urban Education. School of Education faculty are actively involved in creating knowledge and contributing meaningfully to the professional discourse in their areas. The research of the UAB School of Education faculty has made our community—and our world—a better place.