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The UAB School of Education is home to a diverse array of undergraduate and graduate programs in areas such as educator preparation, counselor education, health education, and kinesiology (formerly physical education). Our programs are accredited by relevant organizations, and are staffed by world-class faculty. The UAB School of Education’s innovative programs prepare our students well for the diverse world of today and tomorrow.

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The UAB School of Education offers assistance with admissions for both undergraduate and graduate students through our Office of Student Services, located in Room 232 of the Education Building. The School of Education Office of Student Services is responsible for records, academic advising, and certification. 

Academic advising at the University of Alabama at Birmingham is a teaching and learning process that focuses on an educational partnership between advisors and students.  The University is committed to an academic advising system that guides students in developing educational and life goals, supports students in pursuing diverse and equitable educational experiences, and advances students' intellectual and cultural development.  Advisors encourage students to become engaged, self-directed learners and competent decision makers.