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Who is the Instructional Design and Teachnology (IDT) team?

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Tyler Bryant, EdS
Web Communications Manager

Jenelle Hodges, PhD
Instructional Design Specialist
Curriculum and Programs
Loucrecia Collins
Kay Emfinger
Retta Evans
Andrew McKnight
Cindy Petri
Jane Roy
Melanie Shores
Sandra Sims
Susan Spezzini
Lou Anne Worthington (Chair)
Diversity Committee
Wajih Ahmad
Loucrecia Collins
Gary Peters
Michele Sims
Debi Strevy
Juanita Turner
Yu-Mei Wang (Chair)
Faculty Issues
Joe Burns (2012-2014)
Charles Calhoun (2012-2014)
Loucrecia Collins (2012-2014)
James Ernest (alternate) (2013-2015)
Gary Hunter (2012-2014)
Maxie Kohler (alternate) (2013-2015)
Renitta Goldman (2013-2015)
Retta Evans (2013-2015)
Larry Tyson (Chair) (2013-2015)
Faculty Professional Development Committee
Marcia O’Neal (2013-2014)
Betty Nelson (Co-Chair) (2013-2015)
Keith Gurley (2013-2015)
Cindy Petri (2012-2014)
Jeremy Clabough (2013-2015)
Sue Seay (Co-Chair) (2012-2014)
Student Advocacy and Awards Committee
Wajih Ahmad (2013-2015)
Ann Dominick (2013-2015)
Melanie Shores (2013-2014)
Grace Jepkemboi (2013-2015)
Brandi Griffice (Ex-officio)
Cindy Petri (2012-2014)
Sherry Parrish (Chair) (2013-2014)
Executive Committee
Debbie Voltz
Lou Anne Worthington
Lynn Kirkland
Kristi Menear
Leadership Committee
Debbie Voltz
Lou Anne Worthington
Lynn Kirkland
Kristi Menear
Joe Burns
Lori Green
Todd Smith
Scott Snyder
Larry Tyson
Charles Calhoun
Tondra Loder-Jackson
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Office cleaning Housekeeping or 205-934-4126
Around the Building
Issues related to:ContactContact Information
Maintenance Kathy Lowe Tubbs or 205-996-9882
Housekeeping Kathy Lowe Tubbs or 205-996-9882