The UAB School of Education recently held its 2017-2018 Student Awards Ceremony at the Hill Student Center on the UAB campus. The following students were honored for their outstanding achievements.

At UAB, peer educators and coaches are learning about their own health and well-being and how to advocate for the care of others through the Promoters of Wellness (POW) program, launched in fall 2017. The program, a partnership between Education’s Department of Human Studies and UAB Student Health and Wellness Center, provides academic training for students who become peer educators and coaches.

By Nathan Pitner, Principal, Brookwood Forest Elementary, and Cora Brasfield Causey, Ph.D., UAB School of Education

It is Wednesday and the carpool lines at Brookwood Forest Elementary School are watching some fifty college students walk a quarter mile up a hill in misting rain to join the school’s learning for the day. Space in the building is limited and the parking lot is too full for the additional traffic, yet all parties are excited about the sight. “In my day, I walked up a hill in the rain to school,” is indeed one of the most exaggerated clichés used to describe the hardships of traditional schooling, but the excitement and smiles reflect this literal description of the first signs of a wholly progressive partnership between UAB School of Education and Brookwood Forest Elementary that is improving learning for everyone involved.

Dr. Lisa HerringThe UAB Center for Urban Education, in collaboration with the UAB School of Education and the Provost’s Office, is sponsoring a reception featuring Dr. Lisa Herring, Birmingham City Schools Superintendent.

Clinical Counselor Kiera Walker, a two-time UAB graduate, parlayed her degree in biology and lab experience into a new opportunity to help people in the moment.