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Center For Educational Accountability

To promote the improvement of educational outcomes of students, schools, and agencies through responsive and valid data-based decisions focused on reform.

Center for Urban Education

The Center for Urban Education (CUE) is an alliance of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Birmingham City Schools, other school districts in the Birmingham metropolitan area, and local and national partners.  The mission of the CUE is to promote quality education for socially and economically disenfranchised groups residing in urban areas.  Specifically, the CUE prepares high-quality teachers and administrators to work in urban school districts.


Community Counseling Clinic

The UAB Community Counseling Clinic aims to provide affordable mental health counseling services to residents of Jefferson County, while also providing an innovative training experience for graduate counseling students. Our clinic strives to become an exemplar to the counseling profession through innovations in research, practice, teaching, and clinical training.


English as a Second Language

Promotes Best Practices for enhancing the language acquisition and academic achievement of English language learners.

MidSouth Reading & Writing Institute

Each summer, the MidSouth Reading/Writing Institute provides the southeastern United States with top-notch professional development. Keynote speakers are brought in from around the world who are experts in the field of literacy. Local presenters provide practical workshops to help teachers bridge theory and practice. Contact Lynn Kirkland, Professor/Chair or Sue Seay, Assistant Professor for more information.

National Board Certification Seminar Program

Prepares candidates for the certification process and to support them as they complete the process. Seminar topics include learning theory, cooperative learning, alternative assessment, time management, National Board Standards analysis, portfolio entries preparation, and videotaping tips.

The Peace Corps and its Master's International Project

The School of Education has partnered with the Peace Corps to offer a Master’s International Program (MIP) for teaching English as a Second Language. MIP students complete 24 credit hours at UAB and then begin their service as Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs). They finish their master’s degree while serving overseas for two years as English teachers or as English teacher trainers.

Red Mountain Writing Project

Promotes teacher leadership and empowerment through dialogue, confidence building, and application of best practice in the teaching of writing.

UAB Children's Creative Learning Center

Serving children from all over the Birmingham area, the enrichment program seeks to encourage children to select their daily plan of study, work at their own pace, and enhance their academic development. Whether it is a science experiment with everyday food items or writing and publishing a newspaper, children discover how exciting learning can be.

Urban Teacher Enhancement Program (UTEP)

A teacher preparation program designed for those who do not already hold teaching certificates but are interested in teaching careers in Birmingham City Schools. UTEP is available at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Young Authors' Conference

Series of workshops hosted by noted authors for children aspiring to have their work published.


Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX)

The Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX: is the state educational Web portal directed by Technology Initiatives, Alabama State Department of Education. The ALEX project collaborates with the University of Alabama at Birmingham to ensure the program meets PK-12 Educator and student needs. ALEX provides a free, one-stop resource for every student, parent, school leader, and teacher in Alabama. ALEX convenes Alabama's finest teachers to develop reading, social sciences, math, and science resources and trains PK-12 teachers, library media specialists, teacher-preparation faculty, and after-school educational programs to use these resources as well as develop video/audio podcasts and lesson plans for hosting to ALEX. The web portal contains over 65,000 links to games, interactives, videos, lesson plans, learning strategies, and includes CCRS teaching/learning resources. ALEX training and resources are designed to engage students in learning that is relevant for learning and working in a global economy. Training modules include the “Expanding the Concept of Literacy” curriculum. Dr. Shannon Parks ( is the director of the ALEX program and Dr. Deborah Strevy, in the UAB School of Education Department of Curriculum and Instruction, is the Principle Investigator of this grant. Dr. Stephanie Baird ( continues to oversee the day-to-day development of the ALEX website portal here at UAB.

Collaboration for Excellence in Science And Math Education (CESAME)

CESAME provides scholarships to future math and science teachers who are pursuing initial teacher certification through the Alternative Master’s Program. This scholarship program is administered by UAB’s Center for Community Outreach Development (CORD). For more information, interested applicants should call 205-934-5171 or email .

UAB Regional In-Service Center

The UAB Regional In-service Center (UABRIC) is one of 11 regional in-service centers established by the Alabama Legislature in 1984 to enhance the training opportunities for public school personnel in critical need areas.  The UAB Regional Inservice Center, operated through the UAB School of Education, provides free training, resources and services for teachers and administrators in eight school districts in Jefferson County (Bessemer, Birmingham, Fairfield, Jefferson County, Leeds, Midfield, Tarrant and Trussville School Systems).