Office of Clinical Experiences

The Office of Clinical Experiences (OCE) is responsible for organizing all student teaching internship placements for teacher candidates in initial teacher certification programs. The OCE works diligently to foster professional and collaborative partnerships with K-12 schools in order to enhance the teaching profession. Additionally, the OCE is committed to complying with state requirements to secure field experiences, when applicable, that will lead to the appropriate graduation and/or certification requirements. Field experiences are primarily secured by School of Education faculty and instructors.

About Field Experiences

Field Experiences for Class B and Alternative Class A initial teacher certification programs must meet the following Alabama Department of Education requirements:

  • Facilitate candidates’ development as professional educators by providing opportunities for observing in schools and other entities that serve P-12 students, tutoring students, assisting teachers or other school personnel, attending school board meetings, and participating in education-related community events prior to the internship.
  • Span all of the grades for which certification is sought. At least half of the field experiences shall be in the candidate’s teaching field or area of instructional support.
  • Require extensive field experiences in diverse settings. Individuals who are employed in positions appropriate to the area of their current program may complete field experiences on the job, but those experiences must be planned with specific purposes and assessment(s).
  • Occur primarily in P-12 schools.
  • At least half of the field experiences shall be in the candidate’s teaching field or area of instructional support.
  • Beginning with the first professional course, each candidate shall participate in extended and supervised field experiences with specific purposes and assessment. At a minimum, each candidate in a Class B or Alternative Class A program shall have participated in 150 clock hours prior to the internship. Ninety of these 150 hours shall be in increments of at least three hours each. The majority of field experiences must occur in P-12 schools.
  • For Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education programs, field experiences shall include placements in at least two of the three main types of early education settings (early school grades [K-3], child care centers and homes, and Head Start programs).

Click here to find the most updated information about field experiences for your program. Please refer to yourprogram checkliststo determine the required courses for your program.

NOTE: Field experience descriptions in the following tabs/documents apply to courses through the spring 2014 semester. In addition, information provided by full-time faculty supersedes information in the following documents.


The Field Experience Handbook for Initial Teacher Certification is intended to provide pertinent information regarding field experiences for all teacher candidates completing an initial teacher certification education program. The handbook provides information for teacher candidates, K-12 teachers, K-12 school administrators, and School of Education faculty/instructors.

Student Teaching

If you are pursuing a Class B or Alternative Class A initial teacher certification degree, please visit the Student Teaching Website, where you will find an assortment of information regarding internship requirements, placements, forms, and the Student Teaching Handbook.