Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for School of Education scholarships?

You must complete the scholarship application form which is available online.  On the application, you must select the scholarship(s) for which you would like to apply.  If you are unsure whether or not you meet the requirements and/or preference criteria of the scholarship(s), please apply regardless.  The selection committee will verify applicant eligibility.

What scholarships are available?

We have over 15 scholarships available for undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Education.  Visit the list of scholarships for additional scholarship details.

Do I fill out separate applications for each scholarship?

No, please submit only one scholarship application.  You will select the scholarships you are applying for on the application.

What are the requirements and eligibility for the scholarships?

It depends on the scholarship.  Please view the list of scholarships to review the requirement(s) and preference criteria.

How do I know which scholarships I can apply for?

Scholarship requirements and preference criteria are listed as part of the scholarship description.  View list of scholarships.

How do I submit my letters of recommendation?

The letters of recommendation are optional.  If you are submitting them, you may send them electronically or by mail.  There is a place on the scholarship application form for you to attach the recommendation letters, or you may mail them to:

UAB School of Education
Attn: Scholarship Committee
1720 2nd Avenue South
EB 232
Birmingham, AL 35294-1250

How and when will I be notified if I get a scholarship?

Scholarship applicants will be notified of the Scholarship Committee’s decision by April 30, 2014.

When and how will I get my scholarship money?

Scholarship awards will go toward the recipient’s tuition and fees (through the UAB Office of Financial Aid) for terms in which he or she is enrolled as a student in the School of Education.  Any scholarship funds in excess of the amount required for tuition and fees will be disbursed to the student for books, supplies, or school-related expenses when the terms of the particular scholarship allow.

Also, recipients of SOE scholarships may be eligible to receive other forms of student financial aid for which they qualify.  Please contact the financial aid office for more information at or (205) 934-8223.

Are there any UAB scholarships for education students that are administered outside of the SOE?
Currently, the CESAME program provides scholarships for AMP students preparing to teach science or mathematics. Visit the CESAME website for additional details.