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The UAB School of Education is working every day to transform lives and to optimize human potential. We are known for our cutting-edge programs that prepare professionals to serve in a diverse world.  Our outstanding faculty are not only leaders in their fields, but also excellent mentors and teachers who inspire others to grow and to learn.


The UAB School of Education is home to a diverse array of undergraduate and graduate programs in areas such as educator preparation, counselor education, health education, and kinesiology (formerly physical education).  Our programs are accredited by relevant organizations, and are staffed by world-class faculty.

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UAB School of Education faculty are at the leading edge of investigating some of today’s most vexing challenges in areas such as exercise science, health disparities, language/literacy development, urban education, and special education.  The School of Education includes several centers that help to support this work: The Center for Educational Accountability and the Center for Urban Education.

Our School

uab campus at sunrise All of us here at the UAB School of Education are focused on achieving at the highest levels.  This means producing the best classroom teachers, counselors and administrators in the state of Alabama. The number of award winning teachers and principals who are either graduates or certificate holders from our School is impressive.

It means having outstanding teaching faculty, who are oriented towards modern methods of teaching, who use technology as an important tool, and who forge strong, positive relationships with students.

It means doing cutting-edge research in areas from early literacy to the exercise patterns of the elderly.

And it especially means that the friendly, informed service we provide our students, our school system partners, and the general public is state-of-the-art. 

students on campusOur Students

The UAB School of Education is home to a diverse group of individuals dedicated to improving the education system of the state, region, and nation.  Our students are our most valuable asset.


Our Faculty

The UAB School of Education is home to a diverse group of faculty members with varied backgrounds in education and administration. In addition to our full-time faculty in our three academic departments, the school also calls on area educators to support instruction as adjunct faculty. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to the development of exemplary educators and administrators.


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