As expressed throughout the conceptual framework, the primary purpose of programs in the professional education unit is to prepare reflective practitioners for success in diverse communities. Our commitment to preparation for diverse communities recognizes and honors the rich diversity of the region we serve.  The philosophy for achieving the unit’s purpose is anchored in the eight faculty belief statements articulated in the next section of this conceptual framework document. Our philosophy is manifest in four themes for all programs: learner-centered, inquiry-focused, developmental, and standards-based.  These terms are defined in the following way:

Learner-centered: Programs within the School of Education focus on preparing candidates who can support the development of students from early childhood through high school as well as adult learners.

Developmental: Programs within the School of Education support the professional growth and differentiation of teachers, counselors, and administrators as they progress from novice to expert in knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

Inquiry-focused:  Programs within the School of Education consider inquiry and active reflection to be critical processes in the development of all learners including students, candidates, and faculty.

Standards-based:  Programs within the School of Education are based on professional standards and prepare candidates to base their professional practice on standards as well.

In summary, the unit’s philosophy, purpose and goals are symbolized in the visual representation of the conceptual framework.



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