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Associate Professor - Educational Leadership Program
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EB 223


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After 36 years, still I am passionate about teaching as a way of lifting up the next generation. I have had the opportunity to teach in rural, urban, and suburban elementary schools. Now I have the opportunity to teach and collaborate with aspiring and practicing school leaders in a university setting. The lesson I have taken from each experience is that there is a hunger for knowledge in all communities. Our role as educators is to empower students to envision the connection between what we teach and the world they live in. Creating a zest for learning is the gift that I have. During my classes, I attempt to help students better understand key traits of dynamic leaders. The Myers Briggs Personality Assessment, Johari's Window, and Erick Erickson's stage theory of development provide a foundation to assist all in leading schools.  Great leaders help others reach their potential. A quote that provides the impetus for developing great leaders is "Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality." Warren G. Bennis


My interest in understanding the construct of Bullying and cyber bullying is a major part of my research agenda. As a former principal, I still remember the challenges of students who were physically, mentally, and socially bullied by their peers. Schools and society will benefit from a greater dialogue regarding the many aspects of bullying. I am also very interested in the impact of Study Abroad for Graduate students. What are the experiences of African Americans who participate in such programs? My research in this area may impact how minority students are recruited to participate in Study Abroad Programs.


I provide workshops all over the country on the topic of bullying. My most interesting sessions are with teenagers. It is amazing to hear their perceptions of cyber bullying and how it impacts their lives. When I share with parents on the topic of bullying, they are filled with questions as they seek strategies to protect their children.


"All that you send into the lives of others, comes back to you", is one of my favorite quotes. This quote provides the direction of how I live my life. Equity, treating people fairly is important to me. As a child of the Civil Rights movement, my lived experiences of segregation are still intertwined in who I am.  My work as an educator provides an opportunity for me to create a legacy of empowered scholars. I hope to impact academic achievement by igniting a passion through my Educational Leadership students. I enjoy international travel and created the Study Away Program for the School of Education. It was a delight to take both In-Service and Pre-service teachers to Italy. Our program was entitled “A Comparative Analysis of Two School Systems; the United States and Italy.” What a wonderful opportunity to help teachers experience the global world of education. The cultural and historical aspects of Study Away provided a new depth to how the teachers viewed themselves as educators. They all saw diversity through new lenses after leaving the United States. My international travels have taken me to England, South Africa, Italy, and Greece.