Jenna LaChenaye
Assistant Professor | Educational Psychology and Research
EB 259
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Miscellaneous Information


As both a former student and a current researcher, the most informative and useful opportunities always involved exposure to a wide variety of research approaches and the opportunity to apply that knowledge to real-world projects. As a result, I like to think of our methods class meetings as opportunities to "workshop" the course skill objectives that allow students to apply the content and methods to their content area as well as learn from exposure to and discussion of fellow students' work. Teaching strategies such as Team Based Learning and Flipped Classroom models help us cover significant material and promote collaborative work.


As a qualitative and mixed methods methodologist, I have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of research pursuits across the Department of Human Studies and School of Education through colleagues and student dissertation work. My personal scholarship work stems from my background in sociocultural and international education development and evaluation and focuses on the cultural elements of the research process, specifically collaborative research strategies, deconstruction of the researcher-researched dichotomy, cultural competency and value hierarchies in research and evaluation, epistemologies of place, socialization, and indigenous research methods.


I have enjoyed contributing to a variety of initiatives across UAB and my field. I serve on the UAB Sustainability Committee, helping organize and promote green initiatives across campus, and participate in university service-learning promotion and evaluation. In my field, I work with the American Evaluation Association to promote cultural competency in research and responsible mixed methods practices.


I'm a sucker for animals and bread-winner for the pug, Ellie Mae, addicted to snoballs with cream, former art student with a bad art supplies habit, aspiring Creole cooking master, farmer's child trying desperately to grow Louisiana food in Alabama, wants to drive cross country, cheeseburger connoisseur, minimalist-ish, and tiny house enthusiast.