Tomeka McGhee


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Assistant Professor - Counselor Education

EB 152D



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My preferred teaching style is interactive and collaborative in that I welcome an informed exchange of ideas and mutual knowledge attainment.  This is typically achieved in seminar style and/or group experiences that challenge students to go deeper and beyond first impressions and surface examination.  My teaching approach is holistic, in an effort to foster growth in many parts of the self (i.e., physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).  I believe that behaviors and feelings are a result of the thought life.  Perceiving thoughts are learned and reinforced within the context of one's culture(s) and/or environment(s).  To change behaviors and feelings, change thoughts.  To change thoughts, we must consider all influences of that thought's development, challenge it, and decide/choose to move forward with renewed thinking.   Changing behaviors through changing cognitions is our approach to helping our clients.  My teaching philosophy is that counselors-in-training learn how to facilitate change for clients by first experiencing that change for themselves.  Once you enter, everything's counseling!


My research interests have been focused on the integration of religion and/or spirituality in counselor education training programs and counseling practice.  Other interests include gatekeeping in the field of counseling and how faculty-student relationships impact the retention of both faculty and students and the interplay of cultural differences.


Majority of my service has been for the state counseling organization, Alabama Counseling Association (Executive Council Member), and through the state organization (Alabama Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors, ALAMCD, and Chapter VII).  However, I've worked with women's groups, youth groups, and church groups in fostering greater emotional and mental health, as well as teaching clergy the differences in the helping professions and when referrals are needed.


Outside my work with UAB, ALCA, my local community, and my part-time practice counseling children who are recovering from sexual abuse, my time is filled with my husband, three children, extended family, and spirit-led activities.  My mantra is to do the needful thing for this day and keep moving forward.