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Associate Professor - Community Health and Human Services
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EB 206


Miscellaneous Information


 I believe in teaching that encourages students to become self-learners and as well as life-long learners.  This can be accomplished in many ways besides through a formal course, though courses are one important part of my teaching process.  Some of my best teaching moments come in the form of one on one discussions about professionalism, ethics and life in general.  So while I feel the formal class setting is important for learning, we must take advantage of those out of class opportunities to guide and encourage.


 My most significant scholarship contributions have been related to two areas: HIV/AIDS education and school health implementation and policies. 


 Most of my service is related to my program of Health Education.  I currently serve as the undergraduate program coordinator.  Additionally I serve on School of Education and UAB faculty committees.


 On a personal note, I enjoy horseback riding, reading, and listening to music.  My favorite activity is going to dog agility trials with my husband and dog.