Sandra K. Sims
Associate Professor | Kinesiology
EB 224
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Miscellaneous Information

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I love teaching. I truly enjoy the opportunity to share information with others to improve their knowledge and skill performance. To witness the learning process, especially in physical education, never grows old.  I love to wake up every morning knowing that what I do makes a difference in the lives I touch.  This is why I love what I do for a living. All of the courses that I teach are required for our teacher certification majors. This means that all course objectives relate to specific national and state professional standards, including those set forth by the Interstate Teacher New Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC), the National Council on Accreditation in Teacher Education (NCATE), the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, the Alabama Teacher Education Code, Educate Alabama Indicators and the National Standards for Initial and Advanced Physical Education Teacher Education.


I love sharing my passion about my profession.  I do this through my writing and through speaking opportunities. I have published eighteen refereed national journal articles, nine refereed state level journal articles, four refereed nationally published professional documents and one reviewed state level governmental document.

I have been an invited speaker 106 times, including 11 national, 65 regional and 30 state presentations. I have also attended professional conferences where I have made 79 refereed presentations (2 international, 17 national, 23 regional and 37 state level).  In all, I have made 185 invited and refereed presentations.


Much of my leadership service is motivated by the commitment to my profession. I believe my profession has the ability to enhance everyone's quality of life. There is nothing more important than the health and wellness of each person. My desire is to educate and help as many people as possible through my service.  I have worked with many individuals and professional groups who are committed to making an impact on the world. I love being part of this service mission. Specifically, I have held various leadership positions at the national, regional and state levels. Nationally, I have served on the NAGWS Board of Directors; AAHPERD District Transition Committee; Official Observer for the AAHPERD Board of Governors; and three committees, one of which I chaired. I have also served as a national delegate six terms.  Regionally, I am currently the Past President of Southern District AAHPERD. I have served on numerous committees, where I was the chair of three; served as a regional delegate for seven terms; and served two terms as a regional vice president.  At the state level, I have served continuously since 1988 in numerous leadership roles.  I truly love serving my state through my professional organization.


I love being active outdoors.  I enjoy walking, swimming, fishing, boating, and paddle boarding.  I enjoy observing wildlife, specifically eagle watching. I also enjoy photography. My theme for my year as Southern District AAHPERD President is "Finding Joy in the Journey".  This sums up my philosophy of life.  I believe it is important to focus on the positive and not the negatives things in life.