Health and Wellness

Student Health Services
UAB Student Health Service (SHS)
A healthy mind depends on a healthy body. Close quarters and stress can make students vulnerable to various illnesses. That's where the UAB Student Health Services comes in. We provide care for the medical needs of UAB students, including prevention, treatment, or counseling.

To make an appointment, call us at (205) 934-3581.

Counseling and Wellness Services
Free, confidential counseling related to personal growth, human development, and interpersonal relationships is available through the UAB Women's Center and the Counseling & Wellness Center.

Community Counseling Clinic
Our counseling clinic works to assist individuals, families, and groups with diverse needs through challenges in their life. The clinic takes a developmental perspective that people grow and change throughout their lives and our counselors are skilled in the assessment of people and situation, treatment of mental disorders, and the application of therapeutic strategies to facilitate change.

Disability Support Services

UAB and the School of Education are committed to making academic programs and services accessible to students with disabilities.