Interview QA for K-12 Masters in Educational Leadership

In addition to the portfolio, candidates must also participate in an interview. The following information will answer questions you might have about that process:

Q: Where will interviews be held?

A: Interview for candidates from our partner districts (Hoover City, Birmingham City, Cullman County/City, Jasper) will be held in their respective districts. The time and location will be announced. Students from all other districts will be interviewed on the campus of UAB in the Educational Leadership department. A representative from a local LEA will join Ed Leadership faculty as part of the new protocol for admitting students.

Q: Who will be on the interview team?

A: Educational Leadership faculty members and area school district representatives will be part of each interviewing team.

Q: What do candidates bring to the interview?

A: Candidates should bring 2 copies of the Portfolio notebook they have prepared.

Q: Can I interview without submitting my portfolio?

A: No, discussion of the portfolio in the interview is part of the admissions process.

Q: What can I expect in my interview?

A: Your interview will last approximately 30 minutes. You should be prepared to talk about why you want to enter our program and your goals as an aspiring instructional leader. What do you want to accomplish in the next five years? Scenarios of leadership situations will also be presented for you to respond to.

Q: How will I be notified of my interview date and time?

A: A faculty member or department secretary will notify candidates by email and/or phone to give you the interview date and time.