Minor in Health Education

UAB students walking in front of buildingThe Minor in Health Education provides students with an overview of the health education profession.  This minor can provide a knowledge base for a variety of majors in the social sciences, health professions, business, and other areas of study .  This Minor is not open to Health Education majors.

Program of Study


 The following program of study is only an example. The official program of study checklist can be found on the Office of Student Services website or can be downloaded by selecting the download button below.

Required Courses - 12 Credit Hours
HE 141 Personal Health (online course)  
HE 223 Introduction to Epidemiology and Disease Impact (Prerequisite HE 141)  
HE 342 Introduction to Health Education (Prerequisite HE 141)  
HE 404 Global Trends in Health Education (Prerequisite HE 342) (online course)  
Health Education Electives - 9 Credit Hours
Select three of the following courses:  
HE 343 Theories and Determinants of Health Behavior (Prerequisite HE 223 and HE 342)  
HE 402 Mental Health and Stress Management (online course)  
HE 408 Drug Use and Abuse (online course)  
HE 421 Health Communications (Prerequisite HE 342)  
HE 423 Human Sexuality (online course)  
HE 431 Planning and Implementing Health Education Programs (Prerequisite HE 343)  
HE 432 Administration of Health Education Programs (Prerequisite HE 342)  
HE 452 Evaluation and Grantsmanship (Prerequisite HE 431 and EPR 214)  
HE 490 Special Projects in Health Education/SL  
HE 491 Problems in Health Education  
Total Hours:  

Tuition and Fees

The following tuition and fees are valid for the 2014-2015 academic year. Tuition and fees and are SUBJECT TO CHANGE annually based on approval from the University of Alabama Board of Trustees and/or university.

The following tuition and fee information applies to UAB School of Education classes only.  Visit the UAB Tuition and Fees website for complete details on all UAB tuition and fees.

2014/2015 Academic Year
Tuition and Fees
Resident Charge
Non-Resident Charge
Undergraduate Tuition
First semester hour of coursework
Each additional semester hour of coursework
Graduate Tuition
First semester hour of coursework
Each additional semester hour of coursework

Additional Fees (if applicable)
Laboratory Fees
On-line Course Fee
Transcript Evaluation Fee
Teacher Education Program (TEP) Application Fee
Internship Fee


Advising and Mentoring

Students seeking advisement related to their general education core requirements, should make an appointment with Awilda Jones (dalila@uab.edu) in the School of Education’s Office of Student Services, Rm 232 in the Education Building. If a student wants more individualized advisement about health education courses or career mentoring, find your health education faculty advisor by the first letter of your last name:

    Dr Ahmad (A-E) wahmad@uab.edu
    Dr Evans (F-J) rrevans@uab.edu
    Dr Forbes (K-O) ltalbott@uab.edu
    Dr Wilkinson (U-Z) larrellw@uab.edu

It is helpful to review your entry in entry in the GPS system prior to any advising appointment.


Questions about the Health Education concentrations in Community Health or Human Services, and questions about an Individually Designed Minor (IDM) may be addressed to Dr Cindy Petri (cpetri@uab.edu).

Graduation Planning System (GPS)

The GPS system allows students to view their degree requirements at any time.  You can see what has been completed and what remains for completion.  There is also a “what if” function that allows you to see what would be needed if you made changes such as changing your major or minor.

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