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Take advantage of the exceptional online courses and  engaging online programs offered through the Department of Human Studies.  The Department offers online/blended traditional masters and Educational Specialist degrees in Physical Education as well as Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership. Our minor in Health Education is offered in a blended format.  View our online course offerings to see which courses are offered in your program area or as an elective for your major/minor. 

Online Course Offerings

  • ECG 630 Career Development
  • EDF 601 History of Amer Curr Thought
  • EPR 688 Current Iss: Meas/Eval Sch Sem
  • EPR 792 Mixed Methods Approach/Ed Res
  • HE 141 Personal Health
  • HE 222 Concepts of Health and Fitness
  • HE 402 Mental Health and Stress Mgt
  • HE 404 Global Trends in Hlth Educ
  • HE 408 Drug Use and Abuse
  • HE 423 Human Sexuality
  • HE 502 Mental Health and Stress Mgt
  • HE 508 Drug Use and Abuse
  • HE 523 Human Sexuality
  • HPE 200 Quality of Life
  • PE 607 Principles of Coaching
  • PE 643 Curriculum Development in Physical Education
  • PE 645 Advanced Motor Development
  • PE 647 Strategies and Issues in K-12 Physical Education
  • PE 649 Adapted Physical Education