Admission to the Alternative Masters Teacher Education Program (ATEP)

 1.  Admission to Graduate School as a degree seeking student. Admission as a graduate degree seeking student does not guarantee admission into ATEP. ATEP is the Alternative Teacher Education Program for those seeking initial Class A certification.

2.  A baccalaureate or higher degree GPA of 2.50. (Note: Programs reserve the right to require a higher minimum GPA). Based on a March 2, 2007, memorandum from the Alabama Department of Education, this GPA is defined as "…the one that is posted by the degree-granting college or university registrar at the time of graduation with a bachelor’s or higher degree. Undergraduate level post-baccalaureate course work cannot be used to raise the baccalaureate GPA. Students who have earned a master’s degree or a higher degree may use the GPA on the graduate transcript for admission purposes, but they may not use miscellaneous graduate courses to raise the GPA posted on a graduate transcript."

3.  Completion of all undergraduate and graduate prerequisite courses, including

State general studies requirements of at least one course each in humanities, social science, science, and mathematics.

State of Alabama highly qualified requirements:

Early childhood education, elementary education, early childhood special education, visual impairments, and collaborative teacher (grades K-6 or 6-12): 12 semester hours in each of the following areas: English language arts, mathematics, science, and social science.

Secondary education, health education, physical education, ESL, and all P-12 programs: an academic major in the desired teaching field or, if an academic major is not on the transcript, 32 semester hours in a specialized area of study within that discipline including at least 19 hours of upper-division courses.

Specific education course prerequisites specified by program (see checklist).


All prerequisite courses must be completed or in progress during the semester that a candidate submits an application to ATEP.