Rise to the challenge of assisting those who are underserved by advancing your knowledge in Public Health

The School of Public Health and UAB eLearning are working together to offer you a Graduate Certificate in Public Health. The content is the same as the core content taught in UAB’s Master of Public Health program. The Certificate in Public Health is an 18-credit hour program that was developed at UAB and has been approved by the UAB Board of Trustees as an academic graduate certificate program.

This program will help you be able to analyze the relationship between the infrastructure and core services of public health and to have skills to respond to the challenges you discover. You can learn to identify appropriate interventions and actions in the field of public health.

Serve a diverse population by developing your skills

There remains a consistent demand for advanced education for practitioners in the field of Public Health. If you are a practitioner in this field or are a student in a professional school, this certificate program can address and fill the gap for an educational program that meets your busy schedule needs. You can complete this program without ever traveling to the UAB campus.

Protect, promote, and advance the health and safety of those you serve as you acquire new skills in your educational path. The Certificate in Public Health will help you develop the skills in core public health disciplines that will assist you in advancing in this broadening field. This graduate certificate will provide you with knowledge that will change your world.

What career opportunities would I have?

Your academic Certificate in Public Health will help you develop skills that are foundational to your success in a variety of exciting careers. As public heath persists as a growing field, opportunities for career development continue to expand both in the United States and abroad. You may choose to work for state, federal, or international health organizations, assist in research, or work in the private sector. If you are already working in the public health workforce, this certificate can help you advance and move closer to fulfilling your goals.

Is this program for me?

You should apply if you are an individual who is already working in public health, but you lack formal public health training. If you have around five years of Public Health experience, this program is for you!

If you work in a public health related field and/or are a student in a professional school and want to acquire the skills in some of the core public health disciplines but don’t want a full Master of Public Health degree, you should apply. If you want to help people live better and enjoy a better quality of life, this program is for you! The Graduate Certificate in Public Health is designed to help you help others.


UAB has a user-friendly online campus that offers fully accessible courses to the first-time online student as well as to returning, proficient online students. We are here to take the difficulty out and put the world-changing learning opportunities in.


What can UAB offer me?

You will receive immediate benefits as a UAB student and eventually as an alumnus. You will be proud to say that you are a UAB student because UAB is a world class institution recognized globally for excellence in research, service and innovation.

You will have immediate access to The Sterne Library which houses more than one million items. Sterne also provides electronic access to the contents of more than 35,044 serials and 72,000 electronic books.

Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences, Alabama's largest biomedical library, will also provide services and resources for you with holdings related to medicine, nursing, optometry, dentistry, public health, health professions, and joint health sciences. Access to a variety of services and information is available on campus and remotely to authorized users through its website at www.uab.edu/lister/ or call 205-934-2230.

You will also have access to students (who will become friends) from around the globe. This will add immensely to your perspectives as well as increase your network of colleagues.

UAB is such a special place. What do you want to know today? Let us help you change your world!

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