The online doctoral and education specialist (EdS) degree programs offered at the University of Alabama at Birmingham make it easier for busy professionals to earn an advanced degree. UAB offers a growing number of online doctoral and EdS degrees online, with some programs being offered completely online with no campus visits required. This means that UAB alumni and others interested in obtaining a UAB doctoral or EdS degree can continue their education from almost anywhere in the world.

Explore the eLearning doctoral and EdS degrees available at UAB by clicking on the links below. For specific questions about each program, contact the school/college or use our online form to submit a request for more information.

School of Education

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Online Education Specialist Programs Offered:

EdS in Education

School of Engineering

School Website:

Online Doctoral Programs Offered:

PhD in Interdisciplinary Engineering

School of Health Professions

School Website:

Online Doctoral Degree Programs Offered:

School of Nursing

School Website:

Online Doctoral Degree Programs Offered:

Course Delivery

There are three main delivery types for eLearning and Professional Studies programs and courses:

  • Online: These programs deliver most or all of the content online with no or few on-campus meetings. Programs that are delivered completely online are marked as 100% online. Please contact, if you have questions about whether an online degree or certificate program requires any on-campus meetings.
  • Distance Accessible: These programs combine the use of online technology with required periodic on-campus intensives.
  • Blended: These programs deliver at least half of their content online with the remaining content delivered via on-campus meetings.

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