Applying Information to Business in an Innovative Way

The UAB Collat School of Business, the Department of Management, Information Systems & Quantitative Methods, and UAB Online are working together to offer you a Master’s Degree in Management-Information Systems. Your program will be structured with advanced concentrations in IT Management, Information Security or Web and Mobile Development.

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You can leave with a strong academic background and valuable hands-on experience from programs endorsed by industry. This program is developed to produce a heightened business sense, strategic management skills, and a refined understanding of emerging technologies. Every course is designed with input from a dedicated Information System Advisory Council that involves current business leaders to ensure you are taught what current businesses need!

New Employment Opportunities Provide High Demand

UAB’s Collat School of Business Master’s Degree in Management-Information Systems can give you countless job opportunities from technical positions to assisting non-technical users. As we enter the third millennium, the management information systems profession holds more promise than ever! Most students of society agree that we are in the midst of an information revolution, one which will have far-reaching effects. This revolution is changing and will continue to change the manner in which we conduct our lives, both personally and in the business world. In order to be successful, this revolution requires the services of management information systems professionals skilled in bringing information and society together.

With a Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems, you can be prepared to compete successfully in a global context.

What Career Opportunities Would I Have?

The Department of Commerce studies indicate that the shortfall of professionals trained in this field is expected to continue well into the future. Our graduates who pursue a career in Management Information Systems know that most organizations of any size depend on a range of information systems technologies in order to conduct their business. Delivering these technologies is the purview of information systems professionals.

The career choices of management information systems professionals are broad and varied. These are some of the careers graduates of our Master’s Degree in Management-Information Systems have been successful in:
  • Web Developers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Network Administrators
  • Software Engineers
  • Technical consultants
  • Data Network Security Administrators
  • Interface Designer

Should I Apply?

You should apply if you are an individual who wants to extend your knowledge in this exciting field. The program is designed for experienced professionals with a knowledge base in information systems. Earning a Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems will change your world! The Master’s Degree in the Management Information Systems Program exists to deliver you a high-quality market relevant education. Our faculty is committed to teaching and nurturing you through a curriculum and pedagogy that emphasize experiential learning with broad access to teacher-scholars. So if you are looking for a rewarding career with many opportunities to apply your management skills, this program is for you!

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UAB Online is a user-friendly virtual campus that offers fully accessible courses to the first-time online student as well as to returning technology-proficient online students. We are here to take the difficulty out and put the world changing learning opportunities in!

What Can UAB Online Offer Me?

You will receive immediate benefits as a UAB student and eventually as an alumnus. You will be proud to say that you are a UAB student because UAB is a world class institution recognized all over the world for excellence in research and innovation. You will benefit from a faculty and staff who work together to create and deliver relevant, high quality, and innovative programs that will serve your community.

You will have immediate access to The Sterne Library which houses more than one million items. Sterne also provides electronic access to the contents of more than 35,044 serials and 72,000 electronic books.

UAB is such a special place. What do you want to know today? Let us help you change your world!