Make a Real Difference in the World by Learning about Global Health Issues

The University of Alabama School of Public Health, Sparkman Center for Global Health and UAB Online offer a Graduate Certificate in Global Health Studies.This program was developed with support from the National Institutes of Health and has been approved by the UAB Board of Trustees.

Students are required to complete one global health core module and four elective global health elective modules. All modules are offered online to meet the needs of professionals working remotely. 
Upon completion of the GHS certificate program, participants will be able to:
  • Analyze the relationship between global health and development.
  • Use appropriate methods to appraise global health challenges and health care systems, as well as responses to these challenges.
  • Synthesize information from primary and secondary sources to help identify appropriate interventions and actions in the field of global health.
  • Use research, planning and management methods to make efficient and effective use of available resources in field settings.
  • Develop or enhance professional skills in program design, program monitoring, and evaluation.

Help Others by Responding to Global Health Challenges

If you desire to work in the field of global health, you will require skills to identify and delineate critical health and human development issues that confront populations in the settings in which they work. The Global Health Studies certificate is designed to equip professionals with the fundamental skills necessary to function effectively in global health practice. This certificate will provide knowledge that enhances one’s world view.

What Career Opportunities Would I Have

Most professionals who enroll in the Certificate in Global Health program are already in their chosen field and seek to gain specialized knowledge in areas addressed in this program. Students come from a variety of backgrounds including but not limited to: physicians, nurses, educators, scientists, those interested in mission work, recent graduates seeking to continue their education, and so on.

Should I Apply?

You should apply if you have an interest in international health or intend to travel abroad to work or volunteer.

UAB Online is a user-friendly campus that offers fully accessible courses to the first-time online student as well as to returning proficient on-line students. We are here to take the difficulty out and put the world changing learning opportunities in!

What Can UAB Online Offer Me?

You will receive immediate benefits as a UAB student and eventually as an alumnus. You will be proud to say that you are a UAB student because UAB is a world class institution recognized all over the world for excellence in research, service and innovation.

You will have immediate access to The Sterne Library which houses more than one million items. Sterne also provides electronic access to the contents of more than 35,044 serials and 72,000 electronic books.

Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences, Alabama's largest biomedical library, will also provide services and resources for you with holdings related to medicine, nursing, optometry, dentistry, public health, health professions, and joint health sciences. Access to a variety of services and information is available on campus and remotely to authorized users through its website at or call 205-934-2230.

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