Here is an action list of important tasks that should be addressed before the official day of an online course.

Before classes begin we recommend that you:

  • Familiarize yourself and/or contact eLPS for training to learn what is possible with Canvas, UAB's learning management system (4 to 6 months prior)
  • Develop and design your semester course(s) either within your sandbox course or current semester course (3 months prior)
  • Import new content or request (if you do not have the ability to do so yourself ) that the previous semester's content be copied into the current course, or copy your sandbox course into your semester course(s) ( 2 months prior)
  • Update deadlines, dates, notification settings, and materials copied or imported into course (2 months prior)
  • Request an appointment with an instructional designer for a course review either through your department or with eLPS (email if your department does not have an instructional designer) (1 month prior)
  • Upload your new syllabus and course schedule (3 weeks prior)
  • Post or update a Welcome Announcement (3 weeks prior)
  • Inventory technology tools (external or internal) that will be used in the course (i.e. iclickers, GoToMeeting/GoToTraining, ProctorU, Turnitin, etc…) (3 weeks prior)
  • Ensure technology tools used during instruction are up-to-date and included in the syllabus (2 weeks prior)
  • Request or add TAs or graders to your course(s) (prior to the first day of class)
  • Publish your course to make it available to your students (First official day of class)
  • Create or update your Canvas Profile (First official day of class)
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