Online proctoring services are available and accessible through Canvas. Use the following resources to learn more about ProctorU and how to use it.

UAB eLearning covers proctoring fees for two exams (2.5 hours or less) per student per course within the following parameters:

  1. Exam is within a Q course section, and
  2. Proctored exam meets program or course objectives.

This does not include fees associated with Premium Scheduling Options. Exams may be purchased in addition to those that UAB eLearning will cover, but the fees for these additional courses must be paid by the college/school/department or student.


Download the timeline as a PDF.

Before Term Starts
Schedule one-on-one training by filling out the ProctorU form. For additional questions, reach out by emailing Gabriell Davis at or calling 615-614-8825.
Three Weeks Before Exam
Schedule your ProctorU exam within 3 weeks prior to your actual exam date. See the Faculty ProctorU Guide for instructions on how to schedule your exams. You are not required to have your exam materials ready at the time that you schedule your exams with ProctorU.
24 Hours After Scheduling
After submitting the exam, you will receive an email from ProctorU within 24 hours confirming approval. Students can schedule after this time.
72 Hours Before Exam
After receiving exam approval, please invite students to schedule their exams at no cost. *Students scheduling their exam within 72 hours of their appointment will incur late scheduling fees. Share the Student ProctorU Guide.
Day of Exam
Students will take the exam.

Get Started with ProctorU

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Prepare Your Students

Schedule Your Exams

  • Use the Faculty ProctorU Guide to learn how to schedule your exams.
  • Schedule exams with ProctorU three weeks prior to exam date.

Get Technical Support

Please consult for any questions you may have.

See Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do proctors take a picture of the ID? If so, how long are those kept?
    If a photo is taken of the IDs they are purged after 7 days.
  • How long are videos kept?
    Recordings are kept for 30 days unless associated with an incident or requested by institution. Videos are stores on our U.S. based servers.
  • What is the software that students have to download? Can you explain that? There’s a concern that it may cause a virus. Have there been any reports of that?
    Students download a one-time applet called Log Me In Rescue. Once they disconnect from ProctorU the applet deletes it's self. Each time the student connects they have to re-download, install and run the applet.
  • Do I have to have all of my exam materials ready when I schedule my exam with ProctorU?
    No. ProctorU does not need your exam content when you schedule your exams.
  • Does Proctor U cover more time in a test if DSS accommodations are needed?
    Yes. ProctorU is ADA compliant and will accommodate any students who have an accommodation due to a disability. All you will need to do is ensure the time accommodation is set in Canvas for that student and notify ProctorU. You can notify ProctorU by entering it when you submit your exam information through your account.
  • Do students need to have a full length mirror to take a test?
    No, but they may need something else with a reflective surface. If the student is using a computer that has a built-in webcam, they will need to have something with a reflective surface, for example a cell phone (put out of reach before testing begins). This will allow the proctor to view the outer frame of the computer to check for sticky notes or similar items.

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