Quality Matters logoUAB eLearning facilitates the Apply the Quality Matters Rubric Workshop (APPQMR) to help UAB faculty learn more about the Quality Matters (QM), an internationally-recognized program. The workshop is hosted several times a year and led by UAB facilitators trained through QM. Quality Matters includes a faculty created and driven peer review process, professional development opportunities, and a rubric of 43 research-based standards, centered on continual course improvement. The workshop is the first course towards earning QM Peer Reviewer Certification.

The Applying the Quality Matters (QM) Rubric Workshop is held periodically throughout the year. Seating is limited - typically only 30 seats. You must be able to commit to a full day to earn completion in the course.

Upcoming Workshop Dates

The Apply the Quality Matters Rubric Workshop (APPQMR) will be held as a one-day workshop on February 9 and as a two-day workshop on March 27 and 29. This workshop was designed to help faculty members learn more about QM and is the first step towards earning a QM Peer Review Certification. Learn more about Quality Matters at UAB.

Two-Day Workshop (Half Days)
Monday, March 27 & Wednesday, March 29
9 a.m. - 1 p.m. both days
Location both days: CTL/EB 243

Attendees must attend all day to receive credit for the course. Registration is required. To register, contact Samira Laouzai at mamia38@uab.edu.

Intro to QMIntro to QM
The QM RubricThe QM Rubric
Peer Review ProcessPeer Review Process