Below are all of the Canvas core training sessions that are offered through eLearning and Professional Studies. Check out the training calendar each month to find current training sessions and use the Canvas tutorials for additional help. For specific questions, email us at

1. Getting Started with Canvas

The session will focus on how to get started with Canvas. It will cover the basics, such as login, computer requirements, etc.

2. Assignments and Grading

The session will focus on creating various types of coursework, such as assignments, discussion boards, quizzes, and grading.

3. Organizing and Building Content in Canvas

The session will focus on organizing content in Canvas using modules and building content through the use of pages.

4. Citrix GoToMeeting/GoToTraining

The session will focus on the virtual classroom application that can be used within or outside of Canvas.

5. Settings in Canvas

The session will focus on a tool and course settings, such as course navigations and organization, import and export course options, and apps.

6. Communications in Canvas

The session will focus on the various communications tools in Canvas, such as email, chat, conferences, and announcements.

Training Calendar

View the UAB eLearning and Professional Studies training calendar.

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