The Online Instruction: Design, Develop, Deliver! course was developed for UAB faculty who are preparing courses for online or blended delivery. The course provides a pedagogical focus with topics ranging from copyright and ADA compliance to developing objectives that align with assessments, learning materials, technologies, student engagement and interactivity. Further the course promotes alignment with Quality Matters (QM) standards. This course also provides the online student experience to faculty, which is vital to effective online delivery. The purpose of the course is to aid faculty in ensuring compliance with federal regulations, quality standards, and best practices. Faculty will have instructional designers available to aid them in completing activities so that part of their own course will be developed on the completion of this course. Faculty can also earn 2.1 CEUs upon completion of the course. The Online Instruction course earned QM recognition in 2012.

Upcoming Course Dates

The Online Instruction: Design, Develop, Deliver! course will be offered from Monday, May 15 through Monday, July 3. Enrollment for this course offering closes on Thursday, May 25. If you are interested in joining this cohort, please contact Elizabeth Fisher, who will provide necessary information for enrolling in and accessing the course. Seating is limited to 25 participants.

Course Topics

During this course, you will learn more about:

  • Designing for Accessibility
  • Quality Assurance and Writing Measurable Outcomes
  • Copyright
  • Developing Authentic Assessments
  • Employing Interactive Instructional Strategies
  • Ensuring Student Success
  • Delivering Your Course

Time Commitment

The estimated time for completion is three hours weekly. Deadlines must be adhered to due to the interaction among faculty that are depending on feedback from one another, as well as gaining a true student perspective. Faculty move through as a cohort of students building a module for their own course and other key components. Please be aware of the time requirement and schedule to ensure your ability to commit to the course, since there are typically not enough seats for all who are interested in joining each semester.

How to Enroll

There is limited seating with 25 slots available on a first-come first-served basis each time the course is offered. Interested faculty should email Elizabeth Fisher, who will provide necessary information for enrolling in and accessing the course.

  • What Others are Saying
    About this Course...

    I found the course to be extremely helpful. I learned valuable information about how to structure a course, including writing appropriate learning objectives, learning activities and evaluation tools. My improved skill set will translate easily to my on the ground teaching activities, and has laid a foundation for increased online outreach. I've not been a student for a very long time and this experience reminded me how difficult it can be to work full-time, tend to one's life responsibilities, and attend school. Dr. Fisher did an excellent job modeling the expected student behaviors in this course.

    The course was excellent and I came out confident I can deliver a good online course. Elizabeth, thanks so much for teaching this excellent course.

    Thanks again for creating a very helpful course.

  • What Others are Saying
    About this Course...

    Great job....I learned a lot and hope to implement it for my upcoming spring courses. Thanks!

    Wow! What a great exercise. I used the course and module objectives from a course that I inherited, so this exercise is incredibly helpful. I'm seeing how much this course is not aligned currently. I'm going to have to do some fancy dancing to connect the dots for the students currently enrolled. I so appreciate these resources!

    Once again, very insightful! This structure is really making me think and to clarify.

    Until now I have had virtually no way to evaluate student interaction within their project teams. I wish I had had the instruction you are providing in this course ten years ago!

  • What Others are Saying
    About this Course...

    I want to thank you for putting this course together. It was extremely helpful to me...Your course has allowed me to realize an awareness of the art and science of online learning. I have been motivated to do a significant amount of supplementary reading on some of the topics and believe that I have benefitted as a result.

    Only because you assigned it in our online course did I finally sit down and spend a few of hours learning both Prezi and Camtasia. I just wanted to say thank you, because I would have never carved out three hours on my own. I am incredibly grateful for this class!

    From the time I started developing this course to the time I concluded this class, you and Randi have been very helpful and responsive, and I will never be able to accomplish this results without the support I received from the two of you. Thank you.

  • What Others are Saying
    About this Course...

    It's a HECK of a lot of work, but now that I am currently teaching my third online class, I can see that my next one will be much better based on my experience with the course!

    I have greatly appreciated this course in getting me up to speed. When people object to taking a development course like this because of "all the time" it takes, they are ignoring the obvious (to me, that is), that it saves many more hours spent in struggling on one's own, bombarding you and Randi with redundant questions, and languishing in delayed and miscommunicated feedback loops. It has spared me many such hours, and I certainly recognize it. This is the fourth such course development course I have taken at various universities, and you are to be commended for your excellent work.

    Even with the practical experience I've had in the past year, I still feel my effectiveness as an online instructor has greatly improved from completing the training course. The fact that my QL and QLA sections have run more smoothly so far this semester seems to bear this out.