With a deadline of July 1, 2018 fast approaching, the state authorization office is gearing up to directly assist faculty who are program directors with accomplishing required student notifications and disclosures.

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Directors of programs that have a professional licensure or certification component will be working closely with the state authorization office over the next several months to accomplish multiple tasks. These tasks will be needed to ensure that as a university, we provide our students with everything they need for success and that UAB remains compliant with regulations and requirements.

Program directors are currently providing website student disclosure information to the office. On Sept. 17th (Associate and Assistant Deans meeting), senior administrators had an opportunity to see UAB’s current progress and discuss next steps. Soon, training on the newly developed SharePoint Site for the program directors will be available.

Lisa Reburn, State Authorization Compliance Director, will be retiring on Oct. 1, 2017. More information will follow on her replacement and on future training.  

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