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Our Values

We Value all Voices

We Practice Servant Leadership

Team Spirit
We are Part of One University

We are Honest and Transparent

We Find Solutions & Make it Happen

Our Goals

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Goal 1: Achieve recognition as a global leader in quality online education

Goal 2: Join the vanguard of online teaching and learning

Goal 3: Create a learning community of successful, online students who are engaged with the university, the faculty and each other

Goal 4: Foster a world-class faculty who are inspired and professionally fulfilled by teaching in an online environment

Goal 5: Provide cutting-edge campus technology and infrastructure that  ensures faculty and student success

Our Objectives

Quality Curriculum
  • Deliver clear, consistent, university-wide practice guidelines and policies that address online quality issues
  • Ensure online education content and delivery is aligned with SACSCOC and Sloan, Quality Matters or other standards
  • Deliver effective and engaging faculty training to achieve high quality online education

University Success
  • Expand the research capacity of UAB in the field of online teaching and learning
  • Establish strategic partnerships to fuel growth in online education
  • Increase online enrollments
  • Diversify UAB student population with the online, adult learner market

Faculty Success
  • Develop faculty-driven incentives and recognition strategies for online, adjunct teaching faculty
  • Ensure faculty evaluation measures are aligned with online goals
  • Provide personalized instructional design and online pedagogy support
  • Create strong mentorship and communities of practice programs for faculty
  • Support professional development of online faculty

Student Success
  • Provide equivalent access to university support services for online and face-to-face students
  • Provide systems for authentication and verification of online student identity
  • Ensure all online course content is compliant with the American with Disabilities Act (as amended)
  • Provide online technology support and training for students
  • Establish a technology-enhanced, comprehensive approach to enhancing student retention & on-time degree completion

Enabling Technology
  • Provide a state-of-the-art portfolio of reliable, user-friendly, learning technology tools
  • Provide state-of-the-art, scalable IT infrastructure for the delivery of world-class, online education
  • Develop streamlined and efficient administrative operations
  • Deliver customer-centric, integrated technical support services for online faculty and students
  • Provide enhanced universal design and accessible instructional technology for online users