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An academic-driven process is in place for LMS evaluation, decision and rollout, which will heavily involve the CTL Academic Council, the UAB Online Academic Council and the Instructional Designers Consortium.  All three groups will be needed to ensure broad and deep participation throughout the UAB community in this important decision process. Sequential steps in the process are provided below:

a.     Needs assessment will be conducted to poll all interested faculty, students, and instructional designers (i.e. “UAB Online stakeholders”) for features/tools that must be present in the LMS, whether the current is selected or a new one is adopted.  The poll results will be posted on the UAB Online website (a special web page will be dedicated to this process and available for the entire campus to view).

b.     Next, a comparative study of LMS technologies, which meet the features and functionality needs reflected by the needs assessment, will be conducted.  Also, candidate systems must integrate successfully with other required UAB systems (e.g. Banner) and provide appropriate, ongoing support, both technically and functionally. A comparison chart will be published on the UAB Online website.  The LMS candidate pool will be narrowed to the top 2-3 contenders, which meet the features and functionality needs of UAB Online stakeholders. The costs associated with the license and use of each of the final candidates will also be included in the comparison table.

c.     Formal usability studies will then be conducted through the CTL to allow UAB Online stakeholders to score the final LMS candidates through a structured, hands-on exercise.  This technique, which is used by many other large universities, will provide critical, objective data for decision-making.

d.     The UAB Online Advisory Council will analyze the data from the three studies described above and then vote on a prioritization of the final LMS candidates and a recommended rollout plan.  A summary report and recommendations will be generated for the Provost. She will make the final decision for LMS selection and implementation.

The evaluation process has commenced and is anticipated to conclude in September 2013. Watch here for regular updates!

Cofield to Speak at Quality Matters Conference in March

Dr. Stacey S. Cofield, an associate professor in the Department of Biostatistics and deputy director for the CombiRX SDMC and NARCOMS Coordinating Center, will be a presenter during the upcoming Quality Matters "Quality State of Mind" Regional Conference on Quality Assurance in Online Learning. The conference will be held on March 17-18 in New York City. Dr. Cofield will present a 50 minutes interactive session: Applying QM to Face-to-Face Course.

Save the Date for the 2016 Scholars Institute

The Division of eLearning and Professional Studies and the Center for Teaching and Learning invite you to save Tuesday-Wednesday, May 17-18, 2016, for the 9th Annual Scholars Institute, to be held at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). This year's theme is "Exploiting Technology for Best Practices in Teaching and Learning”.

CTL February Events

The UAB Center for Teaching and Learning has released their February schedule of training events. The CTL is launching a new speaker's event: "CTL Executive Presenter Series." This month's speaker will be Dr.Bradley Barnes, who will speak about student recruitment. The event will be held on Friday, February 19 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in CTL 243. Lunch will be provided. See all CTL events. Learn more about the CTL.

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