Five Ways to Maximize your English Study
  1. Participate actively in class. Learning a language is like learning a musical instrument. You must repeat skills again and again to learn them.
  2. Ask questions. Questions don't offend teachers in U. S. culture. They show your interest. Teachers are eager to help you undertand more!
  3. Take risks to try out new skills in class, even if you haven't perfected them yet. Remember that everyone else in your class is learning, too.
  4. Review what you are studying in your free time. It takes multiple reminders and much practice for our brains to really "learn" new language skills.
  5. Create opportunities to practice what you are studying outside of class. As you use English for learning and communication in your normal life, you will increasingly master it!.
Thank you for giving us the chance to help you with your English language-learning goals!
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