The ELI offers superior quality English language training and cross-cultural communication training to central Alabama companies and businesses. Read below for information on both types of training.

English Language Training

Communicating effectively on the job with colleagues, employees, suppliers, and customers who speak English often provides a challenge for international workers who are in the USA either temporarily or permanently. In the quest to be competitive in today's global economy and international job market, English language skills frequently provide a definitive advantage. The ELI provides high quality, specialized English language training opportunities for individuals from non-English speaking backgrounds to improve their English for use in business or on the job. 

With a variety of programmatic possibilities and with teachers experienced in providing English language classes for the business and the workplace, the ELI is uniquely positioned to work with companies and individuals in improving English language skills for general and specific business needs. For more information on what programs are appropriate for your workplace, please visit the following links:

Workplace English programs

Corporate Tutoring

Cross-cultural Training

Understanding your employees or clients well enough to communicate effectively, anticipate needs, and form beneficial business relationships is a challenge to companies forming international partnerships or hiring non-American personnel. In an effort to train employees on better cross-cultural communication skills, the ELI offers a wide array of cross-cultural workshops and seminars. For more information, please visit Cross-cultural Training.

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