Bomb Threats

Bomb threats are primarily intended to disrupt and cause chaos - and usually that is all the caller intends, but never assume the call is a hoax.

If a threat is received:
  • Do not hang up the telephone. This is extremely important in conducting an investigation and in possibly locating the caller.
  • Be calm, be courteous and listen. Do not interrupt the initial message of the caller. If possible, notify your supervisor immediately by a pre-arranged signal while the caller is on the line.
  • Record all pertinent information.
  • Always call UAB Police. Call 911 from any UAB telephone or dial 934-3535 from a cell phone.
  • Do not advise anyone else of the threat except for your immediate supervisor.
  • Stay calm and wait for the arrival of the Police. They will evaluate the threat and determine if an evacuation is required.
If you find a potential device, or are advised of a potential location of a device, immediately call the UAB Police. Don't touch or move the device.

If you suspect a letter bomb, follow the same procedure for finding a possible or real device.