Evacuate as directed
Evacuation of employees, students, and visitors may be necessary for a multitude of reasons and should be carried out in a timely and orderly manner:
  • Whenever the fire alarm is sounded
  • If fire is detected
  • Or if ordered to do so by management or emergency personnel
In these situations, proceed to the nearest exit, move away from the building and assemble in a location predetermined by your Building Disaster Plan or as directed to provide an accounting for all personnel.

Do no return to the building unless told to do so by the fire department, police, or the safety officer.

Provisions for individuals with disabilities: The landings inside or adjacent to stairwells and protected elevator lobbies are considered areas of refuge for individuals with disabilities. It is routine procedure for emergency personnel to check these areas. During an evacuation, individuals with disabilities located above or below the ground floor should proceed to their designated area of refuge and remain until emergency personnel arrive; any required assistance should be coordinated in advance by their departments. The floor captain or designee must immediately report the location of disabled or injured individuals to emergency personnel.