Severe Weather Guidelines

All members of the UAB community should be familiar with UAB’s Severe Weather Precautions and Inclement Weather Policy and be prepared to quickly move to safety if severe weather occurs.

Generally speaking, the university will remain open in most severe weather situations - particularly those areas associated with patient care and other essential services.

Items of note:
  • UAB Hospital its own severe weather plan that should be followed in severe weather situations.
  • Patient clinics operated by the schools of Dentistry and Optometry will operate as academic units and close when the university does, even if UAB Health System clinics open or continue to operate.
  • It is each employee’s responsibility to inquire of their supervisor and understand the inclement weather practices as they apply to their unique work circumstances.

If the university is open, but getting to work or class will be hazardous, employees should contact their supervisors and students should contact their professors to make them aware of the special conditions that are affecting their circumstances.

In no case should anyone engage in any activity that they believe might jeopardize their safety.